Attorney Services


Legal Support

Our professional legal investigators are prepared to provide legal support to handle any matter, but some of the most common requests for our services include:

  • Tracking down witnesses.
  • Taking statements and conducting interviews.
  • Carrying out asset searches.
  • Undertaking computer forensics
  • Identifying spoliation of evidence.
  • Conducting background checks.
  • Locating people in large numbers.
  • Doing surveillance.

Attorney Services 

Good attorneys know that outsourcing strategic research and information-gathering to a private investigator is the smart move, no matter what type of case they’re working on, legal matter they’re managing, or clients they are representing. The specialized skills of a professional investigator supplement legal work to create a stronger case, support a theory, and provide integral details. The work is all done within the confines of the law, so documentation and evidence that is gathered can be used in court, mediation, or negotiations. International Specialized Investigations has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality legal investigations for attorneys as well as additional attorney services.

Asset Searches

Lawsuits and legal matters are often about money. Asset searches shed light on relevant parties or entities, and International Specialized Investigations is often called upon to gather information about tangible assets and collectible assets, conduct research for divorce asset searches, and carry out asset searches for executive hires and vendors and contractors.


Litigation Support

Whether family law, employment law, criminal defense, or otherwise, investigators are an invaluable resource in litigation support, establishing and documenting the facts of a case to support an attorney’s efforts. Outsourcing research and fact-gathering to a professional litigation investigation ensures that all leads and potential avenues for information are exhausted.